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Table of Contents

LESSON 1 – an introduction

Before learning the complexities of Python programming we first look at the basic commands which we wil practise using the CONSOLE.

					print ("Hello")


A Look at Python Strings – structure, nature and processing

Python Source Files 




A look at input and output using Python.  You will look at how we prompt user for an input and process it.

Python Source Files 




Selection – a first look at using the IF..ELSE and ELIF command.  Examples included.

Python Source Files and Supporting presentations / handouts 


A first loop at LOOPS.  

LESSON 6 – LISTS,  Dictionaries, Sets

A first look at Python Lists – part a.  Introduction into the basic concept of LISTS and how we use them. 

Part b – this looks at how we manipulated and process lists.

pcrt c – Links on to Dictionaries and SEts 




LESSON 7 – Structured Programs

This section looks at how to take a programming problem and break down into structured parts using FUNCTIONS.  An example is given to help illustrated the concept.

Part b focusses on how we remove GLOBAL variables and use parameter passing between functions.





LESSON 8 – Introduction to Filing

This set of videos focusses on using and processing TEXT files in Python.

Source Files: